Terms and Conditions For Use of This Site 
Revised November 2014 
This site has been launched to provide a means of "socialising" on the internet and a forum for discussion. Visitors, whether posting messages, using the chat room or simply browsing, may do so on the understanding that the views expressed are not those of this site or the site administrators. 
SITE SECURITY: This is a closed site and is not in the public domain. Due to the sensitive nature of some posts within the forum, you must not, under any circumstances divulge the address or login details to the Media or to anyone not employed by the AA. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in a lifetime ban. 
Whilst a free and frank exchange of views is encouraged, visitors posting messages to this site must avoid defamatory remarks about individuals or organisations, that could be construed as untrue and /or libellous. 
Posts must NOT identify any individual, whether or not an AA employee or ex-employee. This includes using any names, initials, locations, or other phrases that could lead to the person in question being identified. 
Companies, organisations or other commercial businesses, must not be mentioned by name if the contents of the post is critical or derogatory. 
We will not hesitative to cooperate with any legal process for claims of defamation, including giving details of your IP address and ISP to anyone legally requiring them. 
Names can ONLY be used:  
Where the post is quoting from a published source, including radio and television. In these cases, the source of the information MUST be included in the message post.
Where a message thread is "In Memorium" about a colleague who has passed away. 
Where a message is reporting about an accident or illness. 
Where the message thread is complementary about an AA employee or ex-employee 
Message threads started solely for the purpose of "verbally" attacking or abusing other contributors will not be tolerated. This includes the user giving himself a nickname that in itself abuses another contributor. Please note that all those who contribute to the abuse in this type of post will, at Site Admin's discretion, be banned from the forum. 
Contributors should avoid posting messages that, whether in part or in whole, in the judgement of the Site Administrator are, or appear to be, for the sole purpose of antagonising other users. Whilst we encourage argument and debate, content that is generally abusive or insulting to other staff should be avoided. 
The use of obscenities in messages is not permitted. Any such messages will be deleted if found. Messages containing the "F" word, even if disguised, word will be deleted. The use of the "C" word will not be tollerated and will result in the poster being banned 
The use of general obscenities and insulting words in posts will result in ALL the messages posted by the offender, being deleted 
This site will not tolerate any forum posting that appears to be racially motivated or homophobic. Where a complaint of racial or homophobic abuse is received, the offending item will become evidence and a hard copy will be passed to the relevant authorities, together with the IP address of the person/s responsible. 
Whilst we accept no responsibility for claims levied against the content of message posts, we reserve the right to remove such messages if we feel they could be so construed. 
Users of the forums must be aware that failure to observe the above terms could result in being banned from the forum and/or legal action against them by the "injured" party. 
Users must not post details obtained from confidential internal AA correspondance, emails or other confidential materials. 

The retention or deletion of messages is at the sole discretion of the Site Administrator. 
If a message has to be deleted, the Site Administrator will also delete ALL messages posted by that user.  

1) Any contributor who uses the "C" word in a post will receive an immediate ban 
2) All other bans are at the sole discretion of the Site Administrator.  
It is a matter of the users discretion whether or not to include their email address in their messages. Where addresses have been so included, they are deemed to be in the public domain. 
Forum users are requested to register their nickname and a valid email address with Site Admin. This is purely for admin purposes, including dealing with matters of abuse and/or misuse of the forum. 
These and any email address included in private emails to the Site Administrator will not be divulged to any third party without the sender's express written consent, unless it falls within the terms relating to legal action as outlined in "Message Rules."